June was another excellent month for the Builder.com Web site. Here are the top 10 articles for June 2002 as compiled by the Builder.com team:

  1. “Should you hire an ex-hacker?”
  2. “Learn to love the clients you hate”
  3. “Telling senior management ‘No'”
  4. “Handling large data files efficiently with Java”
  5. “Easily create charts and graphs in a browser”
  6. “Demystifying the syntax of regular expressions”
  7. “Remedial XML: Learning to play SAX”
  8. “Getting wireless with J2ME MIDP development”
  9. “Creating XML from MySQL is as easy as PI”
  10. “SQL Server & XML integration”

These articles cover the wide spectrum of enterprise development. Please send us an e-mail if you would like to see more or fewer articles on a specific technology. In addition, we’re looking for members who are interested in writing articles for Builder.com, a community-driven site. Send us an e-mail for more information on how to become a contributor.