Basic economics tells us that LEGO must come up with far more set designs than it ever releases to the public. So, what happens to all those ingenious mini-brick blueprints that are deemed unfit for human consumption? They end up in this book: Forbidden LEGO – The Models Your Parents Warned You Against. For a mere $24.95, you get the inside scoop on LEGO’s set-development process, the whys and wherefores of LEGOs becoming forbidden, plus detailed instructions for building these unholy contrivances:

  • The Paper Airplane Launcher
  • The Candy Coated Catapult (plastic spoon sold separately)
  • The Ping Pong Launcher
  • All Terrain LEGO
  • The High Velocity Automatic LEGO Plate Dispenser (AKA, the LEGO handgun, shown in the video above)

Sure, some of these rigs have a remote possibility of shooting your eye out, but what’s a little ocular risk when compared with the unmitigated joy of Forbidden LEGO? (Found via reddit.)