I’m not going to heap a lot of sentiment onto the issue of the bombing

of the London transit system this morning; there’s enough of that going

around. I spent several months in London during my college years, and


great attachment to the city. I concluded many an evening by passing through

Paddington Station, site of one of the attacks. Suffice it to say, my

heart goes to out to those touched by these acts of terror, and I hope

sincerely for a safe return and full recovery for as many Londoners as

possible, especially those Britons whose aquaintance I’ve made in the

TR forums. Be sure to pop up and let us know you’re OK.

On that note, while I would normally suppress any non-tech discussions

from appearing on the Hot and New lists, I’m going to let the “London Bombed” thread

run through the weekend. For our British members, please use this

thread (and your blogs, if you’ve started them) to let us know you’re

all right. While neilb, gadgetgirl, and Fonken Monken have already conveyed their safety, I’d like to get assurances from as many as possible.