There haven’t been too many stories I’ve run across lately that actually entertain me, so when I found myself chuckling under my breath this morning, I knew that this story was blog-worthy: “This is my brain on TiVo.” staff writer Leslie Katz talks about her life-altering TiVo purchase, and how the $299 lifetime service fee may not have been such a great deal after all. “My unassuming move to a seemingly innocuous new gizmo became a leap to an entirely new lifestyle. It’s not just that TiVo makes television watching easier through foolproof program recording, shows when you want them and commercial-free viewing, it’s also that it makes television watching so effortless and engaging that you want to interact with your TiVo to the exclusion of lesser pursuits, such as sleeping or calling your mom.”

I’ve heard about TiVo, and the features sound incredibly attractive, but somehow I’ve never been sucked up into the TiVo mind-vacuum. According to Leslie Katz’s personal experience with TiVo, I think I should save my brain power for more worthwhile pursuits. Does anyone have a different experience with TiVo?