Podcast: The mobile news app is dead. Long live the news.

Did social media kill the mobile news application? This week on the TechRepublic podcast we debate the innovations, failures, and future of mobile news applications.

Image: iStock/DragonImages

A few years ago, big mobile news applications were growing fast, grabbing headlines and attracting millions of dollars in venture capital funding. While some news applications grabbed gobs of users, many truly innovative apps stumbled, failing to meet both consumer and investor investor expectations.

Investor Jason Calacanis speculated recently that consumers prefer to consume news content using networks like Facebook, Twitter and even email.

But mobile news is more than simply social media filler. New types of content, publishers and apps are flourishing. On this episode of the TechRepublic podcast we discuss the success and failure of applications, how web content makes money, and the future of news.

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