One of the things I like to do in my Classics Rock blog is to bring back content that we created back in the dawn of TechRepublic to show how little has actually changed in the IT field. Often times, tips which we created for old versions of Office or Windows 8 years ago still work with Office 2007 and Windows Vista today.

When I was looking back at some of the old tips, I found this one from TechRepublic’s old Tech Perspective Email dated 4/28/2000:



This week’s Tech Perspective:


Read Gartner’s Tech Perspective on change management for IT.

Many leaders find organizational change management processes

uncomfortably nebulous. We discuss common organizational behavior

cycles that help demystify the dynamics of change.

Change management is fundamentally about understanding how change

affects organizational behavior. Because those behaviors are rooted in

emotional and psychological responses, many leaders find them difficult

to manage. Understanding that there is an underlying consistency to

many of these behaviors helps demystify them so they can be proactively


Effective change management strategies incorporate an understanding of

these common behaviors in deciding change initiative priorities, scope,

and scheduling, and they include explicit activities to manage the

phases of these cycles as they occur throughout the change execution


The need to manage change in your organization is one of those things that hasn’t… er… changed in all this time. Nor will it change any time soon.

Unfortunately, the original Gartner Tech Perspective document is long gone from TechRepublic. It probably disappeared after CNET Networks bought TechRepublic from Gartner. That said, you can still find plenty of change management content on TechRepublic.