We’ve compiled a list of the best articles from the past month. Here are the top 10 articles for November 2002 as compiled by the Builder.com editorial team:

  1. “Dreamweaver lives up to MX-pectations”
  2. “Is it time to change your project management tool?”
  3. “Create an embedded Web server to administer your application”
  4. “Abandon tables, simplify design with CSS”
  5. “Build a database front end with ASP”
  6. “Create a simple shopping cart using ColdFusion”
  7. “How to design a prototype to fit the project approach”
  8. “Challenges to implementing a Web-based project management system”
  9. “Plan now to take advantage of .NET application server functionality”
  10. “How to effectively handle long-running tasks in Java”

In addition, the Builder.com discussion center is abuzz. These topics were especially active:

Also, check out these October book and product reviews:

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