OK, so I only just today learned of the existence of PenguiCon,

the combo Open Source/Science Fiction convention held in a suburb of

Detroit. (Spare me the Detroit jokes, I have both friends and family in

the metro area. Yes, it’s a hellhole, but I’ve peeps in that hellhole.)

Unfortunately, the con is this weekend. I guess I’ll just have to mark it down for next year, especially considering how great the programming looks, at least from the perspective of John Scalzi, my Jedi Master.

This brings up a great topic: Sci-Fi cons. I have a limited travel

budget, but I’d like to take in a few more cons in the next year or so

than I have in the past. I’m helping to staff Conglomeration, the local geekfest, and I’m considering a trip to InConjunction, the Indianapolis Con, mostly because I have freinds going and it’s a short drive.

From my loyal readership, I’d love some suggestions of other Cons I

should try to attend in the next 18 months or so. I’m looking for a

focus on science fiction, with particularly emphasis on access to and

programming from SF writers. I’d also prefer that it be within driving

distance (12-14 hour road trek, max) of Louisville, KY. Unless I can

snag a crazy cheap airfare, this geek doesn’t have the scratch for sky

travel. Given the criteria, anybody got suggestions?