Elkwinkarma — Undead Warlock, Guild Leader, Technologia

Report — Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe

There I was minding my own business, building my skill in the tailoring arts, when Luther Pickman, one of my Warlock mentors, tapped me on the shoulder with his Gnarly Staff of Shadow. A tap from Luther can only mean one thing — he has something for me to do and do now.

In this instance, it was a series of quests that would require me to travel to the far ends of both the known continents in Azeroth. He said it would involve the banishing of demons of both fire and shadow. He also made what I considered a snide remark about me not completing it in his lifetime. That may have been just the motivation I needed to start my journey — which was probably his plan all along. I hate being obvious.

The first step was easy enough. I traveled to Ratchet to find MenaraVoidrender. She would give me further instructions. Because of our dark nature, Warlocks cannot afford to be concerned about petty wars like the one between the Alliance and the Horde when it comes to mastering shadow magic. So the fact that my Ratchet contact was a human female, though slight uncomfortable, was not unusual.

She had a series of quests for me, with the reward for completing these tasks being an Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe. Since I was wearing a tattered vest at the time, which is very unbecoming for a Warlock with my accomplished skill, I was eager to get started.

Her first task for me was an easy one — or at least I thought it was at the time. She wanted me to buy or make a Robe of Arcana and bring it back to her. She also had me take a bar of gold to XizkGoodstitch, a tailor in Booty Bay. I was surprised to find out that the Robe of Arcana is relatively rare. I spent three days in the Undercity Auction House watching and waiting for one of these elusive robes to come on the market. My patience paid off and I was able to acquire one for a fair price.

The gold bar was supplied my Technologia guild mate Bonky, who is quite skilled in the ways of mining and blacksmithing.

After returning to Menara, she sent me to one of the most hostile places imaginable — Desolace. This is a vast wasteland of rock and soot inhabited by sickly and dying Kodos, vultures, Kolkars, demons, and roaming giants. It’s not exactly a place to take a vacation. My quest in Desolace was to take, by any means necessary, vials of Hatefury Blood from the demons that dwell there. I was also tasked with the acquisition of a lesser infernal stone from another type of demon that makes its home in the barren rocks of Desolace. Both tasks were accomplished with little trouble except the traveling time. Although the Hatefury Demons are holding a grudge, they don’t worry me.

The final component I needed to acquire for my Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe was much more difficult. I need to loot two smoldering lumps of coal, which are only found off of the remains of a fire elemental located in the Arathi Highlands. Fire elementals are basically balls of fire with eyes and a very bad disposition. As fortune would have it, while scouting the fire elementals roaming around one of the old druid circles in Arathi I came across Myrlin, a shaman in my guild. With his help we were able to find the coal pieces I needed.

After gathering all the necessary material and returning to Menara, she proceeded to make my quest reward. The Enchanted Gold Bloodrobes she made for me are fantastic. Not only do the robes contain magic properties that help my spell casting power, they also make me look like a Warlock. My guess is that is why Luther sent me on this quest in the first place — he didn’t want to see a Warlock dressed like a peasant.

I want to thank Bonky and Myrlin for their timely help in my quest. It is very comforting to know I have Technologia backing me up in times of need.