Remote work is becoming a new way of life for many professionals, according to new report from AND CO from Fiverr and Remote Year. Out of 3,755 respondents, 91% reported working remotely full or part time. And with 80% intending to work remotely as long as possible, remote work doesn’t appear to be just a trend. It may be a young idea, but it is here to stay.

“I feel like remote work is a baby concept, and the markets haven’t realized the huge swaths of people moving that direction,” said Leif Abraham, director of business at AND CO from Fiverr, in the report. Most remote workers (73%) are new to the lifestyle, stated the study, only shifting to remote work in the past four years. However, with how beloved the lifestyle is, that number is sure to rise.

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The majority of respondents (62%) chose to work for the freedom and flexibility of location–opening up the opportunity to live and work wherever they want, said the study. Just because they work remotely, however, doesn’t mean they aren’t being paid well: Some 36% of respondents reported their salaries being at or above $50,000 a year.

Following behind, 57% of respondents reported being paid $49,000 a year or less, and 7% opted not to disclose. However, “Experience pays when you’re remote just as it would for any worker; the longer you work remotely, the more likely you are to be bringing in the Benjamins,” said the study.

While 7% of remote workers earn more than $100,000 in their first year, that number jumps up to 18% for those with at least 7 years in the remote industry. Money is definitely a source of happiness for many people, but 30% of respondents cited loneliness as their biggest problem with remote work. However, many respondents noted that they began enjoying remote work more the longer they did it.

Communication tools, like Slack, are critical for remote workers, with 44% of respondents claiming real-time communication tech is necessary to stay connected, according to the report.

The specific industries respondents reported working for varied. Here are the major areas of focuses and percentages of respondents:

  • Creative/Design: 47%
  • Other: 15%
  • Marketing/PR: 14%
  • Engineering: 11%
  • Admin/Support: 5%
  • Product: 3%
  • Sales: 3%
  • Account Management/Customer Support: 2%

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Some 91% of employers are working remotely full or part time, showing how the remote work revolution is here. — AND CO from Fiverr and Remote Year, 2018
  • Remote workers are paid fairly well, with 36% of respondents’ salaries at or above $50,000 a year. — AND CO from Fiverr and Remote Year, 2018