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Web services won't solve all problems, but it is useful in such areas as business-to-business integration, interoperability, and application integration. Learn more about this important trend with these articles and the upcoming Builder.com event.

Though Web services probably can’t solve all your enterprise woes, it can help you streamline areas, such as business-to-business integration, interoperability, and application integration. But if you haven’t already jumped on the Web services bandwagon, you’re probably wondering where to begin. After all, integrating Web services technology in your enterprise will involve more than just your development team.

To help you get started with such a complex program, I’ve compiled a list of articles covering such areas of Web services as standards, platforms, and security. I’ll also give you some details on our "Building a Web Services Foundation" conference coming up on December 10 through 11. This conference can help prepare your team to move forward with this valuable tool.

General information on Web services
If you’re just getting started in Web services, you probably want to know a little more about the technology and how it works. Check out these articles for basic background information:

Development standards and platforms
Once you’ve made the decision to implement Web services, you’ll need to find out more about which platforms you’ll use and the standards involved in the process. These articles provide an overview of some of these topics:
  • "Magical Web service tour"—Find out what you need to know to take business automation to the next level of productivity and affordability through open standards.
  • "SOAP bubbles on the wind: SOAP with VB6 COM components"—Microsoft's SOAP toolkit makes it easy to run existing COM functionality as a Web service. Learn how to take a simple VB6 COM DLL and expose it as a bona fide Web service.
  • "Top 10 reasons to migrate to .NET"—Microsoft's latest push for the .NET Framework has many developers wondering if it would be advantageous to learn it. This article tells you why you should make the move to .NET.
  • "Enhancing your SOAP::Lite Web service"—Developing a simple Web service with SOAP::Lite is straightforward, but a robust service requires working with parameters, accessing SOAP headers, and more. This article tells you how it all works.
  • "Get started with Java servlets"— Learn how the Java servlet classes that the Java platform provides enable you to build Web applications using the same object-oriented techniques used in a fat client environment.
  • "Should your shop deploy XML for Web services?"—This article on XML and the role it plays can help you decide whether you should deploy Web services as part of your enterprise solution.

Other important aspects
Of course, there are many other issues to consider before you begin developing your Web services plan. Here are a few articles on topics such as ROI, security, and development methodologies:

Web services conference educates entire team
Of course, implementing Web services in your organization will require the work and cooperation of many different groups. If you’re considering jumping into the Web services arena, you’ll need to formulate a plan that encompasses all the appropriate IT groups.

Our upcoming December conference, "Building a Web Services Foundation," focuses on providing information to three key IT audiences: senior IT executives, IT and network managers, and development managers. This conference will educate your entire team on their specific roles in the Web services plan, enabling them to provide a more focused implementation of the technology for your organization.

The conference offers sessions for each of the three groups. Topics covered include:
  • Web services strategies
  • Standards roadmap
  • Web services planning
  • WS-1 implementation
  • Moving from connection-oriented architectures to Web services
  • Design patterns for Web services
  • Application servers
  • Global authentication
  • ROI of Web services
  • Case studies
  • Vendor strategies

For more information on the conference, download the PDF brochure, or visit this site to register.

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