Next week kicks off Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. This year’s WWDC looks like it’s going to be an exciting one, so lets discuss what to expect this year.

First, it’s a given that we are likely to see both Mountain Lion in nearly completed if not fully completed form along with iOS 6, which should be released as a developer preview. Apple has honed its practice at WWDC and rarely uses it to launch hardware, so that the focus of the event can remain concentrated on new software features and APIs for development. I don’t expect to see too many new features from Mountain Lion, but I expect iOS 6 to be announced and for Apple to discuss several new features.

I expect iOS 6 to usher in several new features including a Siri API for developers to tap into, Facebook integration much akin to the Twitter deal that Apple inked and baked into iOS 5, and a new Maps application with Apple’s own in-house Map data. I also expect to see new features built into iCloud that will roll out along side of iOS 6 developers preview and Mountain Lion.

From then on it’s anybody’s guess and mostly speculation as to what other announcements Apple will bring to the stage. It seems logical to me that with Mountain Lion being very close to completion that Apple will announce a refresh of several if not all of its Mac line of computers, which wouldn’t really steal much of the show and set a purchase date of July. So for those of you who have been waiting, WWDC should give you a better idea of what is to come.

Another speculation that has been gaining steam is the possibility of new Apple TV software. I feel that this is a great possibility as it does seem to me that the Apple TV is close to launching an App store of its own. I’ve stood behind the Apple HDTV or iTV rumors in the past, and at this WWDC, I suspect we will see Apple tug at the Apple TV string a little bit more while setting things in motion for what is to come.

Lastly, Apple has recently published a PDF document detailing iOS security just prior to the WWDC. Apple is working hard to make inroads to the enterprise, and I believe that we will hear a lot of talk about security at this year’s WWDC.

Are you expecting anything to come out of WWDC that I haven’t mentioned?