Elkwinkarma — Undead Warlock, Guild Leader, Technologia
Report — The Scarlet Monastery

There he was again, Varimathras, standing over me with a wry smile. I knew the big demon lord had a job for me, but I had hoped to avoid the inevitable for at least one more day. But demons can always tell where I am, it is one side effect of being a Warlock attuned to the demon underworld. That demonic connection runs both ways.

When I was mere Warlock in training this demon lord would treat me like a scurvy rat rather than a fighting member of the Forsaken. But now that I had achieved a level of power most Warlock’s in training never reach, he was much more respectful. The mission, like all missions handed out by demon lords, was straight-forward: Find the leaders of the Scarlet Crusade and kill them.

Of course, the leaders of the Scarlet Crusade were hiding in their fortified and heavily guarded refuge, the Scarlet Monastery. Once again, the task may be straightforward, but the execution will take some tactical planning.

Fortunately, intelligence information from rogue infiltrators reports that the four leaders of the Scarlet Crusade tend to keep to themselves. Well, except for High Inquisitor Whitemane and Scarlet Commander Mograine, whose relationship can be described as “more than friendly.” Nothing like self-righteous religious hypocrites to get an undead Warlock’s fluids boiling.

The other two leaders, Herod, and HoundmasterLoksey preferred to stay in other parts of the Monastery, presumably to let the cretin love-birds have some privacy and to save their stomachs from turning.

This quest was going to take some firepower, so I contacted some of the Technologia membership to see if they were up for some adventure. It turns out that Varimathras had already sent word of the assignment and they were ready and willing. Bonky and Acon were first to arrive at the Monastery. The combination of two Warriors and a Warlock were no match for the Scarlet Crusade zealots we found manning guard positions in the long Monastery hallways. We ran through the first section without incident to find HoundmasterLoskey feeding his hounds. With some effort we dispatched him and his flea-bitten hounds.

Next on the agenda was Herod, a crazy Scarlet Champion with a nasty whirling dervish fighting technique not often practiced. To be on the safe side we added Keres, a Rogue, to our group. Keres can sap enemies, stunning them long enough for us to concentrate on other more dangerous enemies. Using this technique, we were able to isolate Herod and take him out with a combination of my ranged attacks and tactical melee that avoided his whirling blades of death.

Last but not least were High Inquisitor Whitemane and Scarlet Commander Mograine. These two were nearly inseparable, and they had this spooky unnatural connection. According to survivors of previous encounters, she had the power to resurrect her “champion” after he has fallen. Essentially we will have to kill him twice. To facilitate this outcome I called upon my Felhunter demon pet. His specialties are devouring magic harmful to me or to the group and spell-locking enemy casters to prevent them from casting the most harmful spells.

After pulling small bands of zealous Crusaders out of the Cathedral where Whitemane and Mograine like to canoodle, we took on the main leaders of the Scarlet Crusade. The battle went according to plan. Mograine dies, she resurrects him, and we kill them both to end the encounter. With the firepower we had mustered for the fight, their demise was inevitable. Of course, if anyone goes around swearing to kill every member of another class of person, they are bound to inevitably fail. Even an undead Warlock can understand that.

Varimathras was pleased with our accomplishment, which is not something that can be said all that often. We were rewarded with money, a choice of some fine equipment, and whatever we could loot and carry off the hundreds of dead we left in our wake.

But then a frown came upon Varimathras’ face – word had arrived that the Scarlet Crusade had already adopted new leadership and had begun to replenish their ranks. I guess there is no rest for the wicked, no matter which side the wicked fight for.