Do you watch Oprah Winfrey? No? Then you may be missing all the noise about a new movie that is making its producers more money in one month than many mainstream movies make in total theatrical release. It’s called The Secret. And if you haven’t heard about it yet – you will. It’s the Godzilla of self help movies, and the DVD is selling for $35 like hotcakes to those who don’t believe in downloading movies.

I realize that most readers of this blog are far too scientific to believe some of the things that this movie pushes. Consequently, you might not even have checked out the movie’s trailer. I’ll help bring you up to date. As your humble Career Coach, I will clue you in to the contents of this movie and the background to this Internet success story.

If you haven’t gone to their Web site by now, what you’ll see is a first grade “preview.” However, it won’t tell you much about the contents – it actually looks like you are about to view the next part of something like the Da Vinci Code. It gets your attention. The pitch is that there is a great secret only known by rich and powerful types over the ages – but now YOU can learn it and use it to become (take your choice) richer, more successful, beautiful, happier, etc. And if you buy the DVD, or download the movie, you too can know this secret. You will become all that you wish.

Most people spend the $5 on the download to take a chance that they may learn something they can actually use to help themselves out.

What they get for their fiver will be regarded as either: Amazing and Wonderous, or as an infomercial featuring therapists, ministers, coaches, and entrepreneurs. But you won’t have to send any more $. 

The movie will tell you in very basic and short form about The Law of Attraction. It will briefly explain how to use it to have a better life. The Law of Attraction is considered a component of the Laws of the Universe, which itself is a concept that has been around since Judeao – Christians were writing our important books about 2000 years ago. Interestingly, and this isn’t in the movie, some of its concepts are now being tested using supercollider technology at the labs of CERN in Switzerland. Their objective is to see if quantum physics could really have been responsible for the Genesis of life.

Over my 30+ years in business and coaching, I’ve known many successful people who use and practice the Law of Attraction and “the secret.” Most won’t admit it, but if they do, they will say it works – without question. I’ve also known many who’ve tried to use this secret in the past who will tell you it’s a total waste of time and a rather dumb idea anyway.  

I’ll let you come to your own conclusion. If you want to really learn more about it, I’d recommend you save the money for the download and buy a book on Amazon’s best seller lists called The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks. They have been preaching the “science” of this for a long time and have thousands of believers. The book will give you the whole story and not just a brief infomercial approach.

Let me know what you decide.



                                                        Career Coach