We’ve compiled a list of the best of the best. Here are the top 10 articles for September 2002 as compiled by the Builder.com editorial team:

  1. “Tap Java support for proxies and HTTP authentication”
  2. “Will open source finally kill off the $1.2 million CMS money pit?”
  3. “I’m confused… What is ‘.NET’ anyway?”
  4. “Designing an XML grammar with DTDs”
  5. “Will .NET kill off all the VB6 developers?”
  6. “Apache: More than a Web server”
  7. “Get started with Java servlets”
  8. “VB makes it easy to calculate the last day of the month”
  9. “Under the covers of the .NET CLR”
  10. “Is WSDL right for your B2B back-end application?”

The Builder.com discussion center is also abuzz. These topics were especially active:

Also, check out these September book and product reviews:

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