The Simpsons Movie opens tomorrow (preview above), and I’m left asking myself an impossible question: Will this be the greatest Simpsons event ever or simply the last flicker from a hilariously dying flame?

I haven’t watched new Simpsons episodes more than very occasionally in years, and those I have seen aren’t nearly as funny as the classics I catch regularly in syndication. So, will the film help Groening’s gang recapture faded glory — or simply burn out the last embers of greatness in a revolutionary TV franchise?

Some fuel for the debate:

For my money, The Simpsons is still good, but it isn’t what it once was, and I’m glad to hear the rumors the show will shut down following its 20th season. Better to let the genius live on in perpetual reruns (and perhaps occasional reunion specials) than to mine every last shred of comedy — and dignity — from one of the greatest programs (cartoon or otherwise) ever to grace the small and silver screens.