Tim McClintock, PMP and Global Knowledge Instructor, has compiled a list (below) of the most difficult types of people. It’s hard enough to deal with these kinds of people in the wild, but when they’re your co-workers, it can be dreadful. Recognize any of these types?

The Steamroller

This is the bully of the group — always interrupting, insulting, and yelling. We all know those types.

The Sniper

These are the folks who hide in the back of room, always sniping — taking shots at everyone, constantly nitpicking back at you, sending out comments, etc. They always want to do this from “under cover.” If you call them on it they say, “Oh, I’m just kidding,” or, “Can’t ya take a joke?” or, “I didn’t say anything!” They always have a comment.

The “Can’t Say No” Person

Will not say no to work. The problem is they won’t say no, they won’t say no, they won’t say no . . . and then they finally just collapse!

The Know-It-All

Do I have to say anything else? Need I say more? They know it all!

The Complainer

Chronic complainers! Chronic whiners! To them, life is one big complaint!

The Staller

The Indecisive Staller. This is the person who just will not make a decision. They will not commit to anything; they are always stalling.

I have encountered these types everywhere I’ve worked and have even been some of them myself to various degrees. Here are some that I’d like to add to Mr. McClintock’s list:

The Empty Promiser

This is the person who says he’ll send you that information or write up that report but never does. You waste so much time reminding him of his promise that you might as well have done it yourself.

The Scatter-Brain

This one just can’t seem to get it together. Can become the Empty-Promiser if left unchecked.

Got any to add?