At the beginning of October, TechRepublic’s IT News Digest blogger Arun Radhakrishnan published a post about Krugle, a code search engine, that powers code search on various Web site, including CollabNet. Not long after that post appeared on TechRepublic, I had the opportunity to talk to Brian Behlendorf, CollabNet’s founder and CTO.

CollabNet began in 1999, but Brian’s IT career was already well under way. Two of his major accomplishments include being one of the primary developers of the Apache Web server and the co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation. Today, he also serves on the Board of Directors of the Mozilla Foundation and provides speaking engagements about open-source software and how the software industry is changing. In fact, Brian has been referred to as an open-source visionary.

Brian talks about the globalization of software, how collaboration is becoming second nature to a lot of today’s software engineers, and ways that CollabNet fits into the software development landscape. Listen to the podcast to learn more about CollabNet and the state of software development.