The Storm worm, which is harnessing zombie PCs and spewing spam across the Web, is estimated to have a computed strength varying from 15 to 50 million PCs (M&C).

There’s special reason to watch out for e-mail that arrives in your inbox: Storm worms have been reported to be behind the surfeit of spam mail inviting users to download content specific to Halloween (Register).

There is considerable argument on the exact size of the zombie PCs that are being harnessed by the worm for sending messages, which vary from efforts to manipulate stock prices (PC World) to installing Trojans on systems. There is even speculation that the worm attacks have been targeted at agencies and researchers (Dark Reading) looking to further investigate the source and power of the worm.

With the immense processing power that is available at the disposal of the perpetrators of the Trojan, coupled with the fact that there are even markets operating for the purchase of such gargantuan processing power, are today’s heavily networked institutions and organizations prepared for bludgeoning cyber attacks?

Is your organization equipped to handle a mass-scale attack emanating from a network of a million PCs?


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