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In what’s sure to be welcomed news for those worried about returning to the office post-pandemic, FlexJobs has identified the top 10 career categories hiring for entry-level remote positions in 2021, and reports that several of them have grown by more than 25% since January. Anyone paying attention to the news in the past year has probably noticed that remote work has been a frequent topic of discussion, and as the COVID-19 pandemic has worn on the likely permanence of remote work has been reported on as well.

Despite movement-restricting lockdowns, remote workers have reported increased happiness working remotely, and a recent study found that the thought of returning to the office induces stress in 100% of respondents.

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If you feel like returning to the office is untenable, FlexJobs has the answer in 10 careers that are looking for the greatest number of remote workers.

These 10 fields are ranked in descending order of how many positions are currently available on FlexJobs’ website.

  1. Customer service: Jobs come from a variety of companies and include communicating with customers via phone, email, chat or snail mail.
  2. Call center: These jobs can include handling incoming calls as well as placing calls to businesses or individuals for marketing, research, scheduling and more.
  3. Administrative: These jobs can include executive assistant positions as well as office management, project management and customer assistance.
  4. Accounting and finance: Data management, tax preparation, accounts payable/receivable and other finance jobs all fall under this category.
  5. Medical and health: Positions include remote care or support and lifestyle management as well as insurance, billing, coding and other medical admin tasks.
  6. Bilingual: These jobs can vary in position type, but all involve eliminating communication barriers for companies that work with international clients or business partners.
  7. Sales: Remote sales jobs are similar to those in an office: Networking, lead generation, cold calling and maintaining networks are all part of the job.
  8. Data entry: Clerical activities, typists and data processing jobs can all be found in these jobs offerings.
  9. Computers and IT: Remote support, security, managed service, consulting and IT expertise in specific industries (like healthcare) are all seeking qualified people to work from home.
  10. HR and recruiting: Remote HR professionals may help with onboarding, employee training and continual support, while recruiters may work for companies or staffing firms to match people with appropriate careers.

How to land a remote job in 2021

FlexJobs has several suggestions for those looking to land a remote job in 2021, and luckily these are all things that can be done from home, just like the jobs themselves.

Stay organized

Set aside time for job searching every day when you can do things like customizing cover letters, sending out applications and making, and exploring existing professional connections on sites like LinkedIn.

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Update your resume

When looking for remote work be sure to add any relevant remote experience. For those new to the workforce, that includes remote classes, group projects, volunteering and internships as well as paid work.

Don’t neglect the informational interview

Connect with friends, relatives, friend’s relatives and fellow alumni on LinkedIn and other social networks to seek info on possible jobs. Informal conversations like those, FlexJobs senior researcher Christine Bernier Lienke said, can help you learn what roles you should target, inform you of potential openings and learn from those who’ve sought remote work before you.

Have patience

You probably won’t land a remote job right away: FlexJobs said it can take three to six months to get an offer. In the meantime, take the opportunity to learn new skills, practice existing ones, volunteer or take on a freelance gig and get into a regular rhythm of searching, networking and learning.