Tech positions dominate the list of emerging jobs in the US, and professionals are going to need to upskill to remain relevant in the workforce, according to a new LinkedIn analysis.

Overall job growth in the coming decade is expected to surpass that of the last, with 11.5 million jobs created by 2026, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Further, an estimated 65% of children entering elementary school today will eventually hold jobs that don’t yet exist.

“Jobs with the top growth potential are tech-focused, with demand coming from tech and non-tech companies alike,” the report stated. “Machine learning engineer, data scientist, and big data engineers rank among the top emerging jobs — with companies in a wide range of industries seeking those skills.”

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However, not all of the emerging tech jobs require technical skills, the report noted. Soft skills such as communication and management are key for positions such as sales development representatives, and underpin all emerging jobs.

Many of these emerging positions, especially in tech, are seeing greater demand than supply, the report noted. For example, data science roles have grown more than 650% since 2012, but only 35,000 people in the US currently have those skills.

Employees future-proofing their skills is key: Some of these emerging jobs did not even exist five years ago, and many professionals are not confident that their current skillset will remain relevant within even the next year or two, LinkedIn found.

The growth and widespread application of sophisticated technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) has led to more specialized machine learning and data-specific roles making the list, LinkedIn noted. A rising number of customer experience roles also indicate that businesses are taking a heavier focus on customers. Since these jobs depend heavily on soft skills, they are among some of the non-automatable positions, according to the report.

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Here are the top 10 emerging jobs in the US:

  1. Machine learning engineer (9.8x growth rate)
  2. Data scientist (6.5x growth rate)
  3. Sales development representative (5.7x growth rate)
  4. Customer success manager (5.6x growth rate)
  5. Big data developer (5.5x growth rate)
  6. Full stack engineer (5.5x growth rate)
  7. Unity developer (5.1x growth rate)
  8. Director of data science (4.9x growth rate)
  9. Brand partner (4.5x growth rate)
  10. Full stack developer (4.5x growth rate)

As these jobs rise in popularity, others will depreciate, LinkedIn noted. In particular, certain specialist roles–such as specialized developer and logistics jobs–are on the decline, as companies look for employees with skillsets that cover multiple disciplines.