Below are the ten highest-rated videos to appear within the Geekend in 2007. Apparently, anything to do with Star Wars, software development, or destruction of property will get you monkeys clicking the thumbs-up like it’s going out of style. Expect more videos covering these topics to appear in 2008. (Hey, we’re in this for the pageviews, people.) Until then, enjoy your audio/video nostalgia.

  1. Simpsons opening sequence, Star Wars-style
  2. Ultimate amateur lightsaber duel
  3. USS Enterprise versus the Death Star
  4. Bill Gates, meet the Blue Screen of Death
  5. Hammer-smashing an Apple iPhone
  6. The official software developer theme song
  7. Punishing computers for their awful sins
  8. Vista versus Leopard versus Linux
  9. Homemade wooden binary adding machine
  10. Today’s gratuitous lightsaber duel video