10. PS238
Public School 238 is home to the Rainmaker Program, the U.S. government’s project to understand the basis of superpowers — by “educating” the elementary school-aged children of superheroes and villains. Your PS238 lunchbox better be bulletproof.
9. Smallville High
Yes, this is Superman’s Superboy’s Clark Kent’s alma mater, which is all the excuse you need to sport a Smallville High athletics shirt. (Warning: Wearing said shirt may increase your chances of meteor rock mutation and/or supervillainy.)
T shirt8. Empire State University

Any alumni registry that includes Dr. Doom, Reed Richards, Emma Frost, and Peter Parker is one you’ll proudly name-drop. At least until the next Skrull invasion.

7. Sunnydale High

How many people can claim they went to high school with the Slayer before the campus was consumed in the implosion of the Hellmouth? I mean, how many surviving people can claim that?

6. Miskatonic University

So much to be proud of from this isolated New England gem, from its unparalleled library of the occult to its extensive faculty knowledge of the Elder Gods to the only medical school with an accredited specialty in human re-animation. Go ‘Pods!

5. I.F. Battle School

This military academy may have its critics, many of them Battle School alumni, but any organization that produced Ender “Xenocide” Wiggin is one that’s due its share of respect. In darkness, therefore we will fight!

4. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

The only downside to attending the most exclusive school in the Marvel universe is that you have to be “the right kind of people” (read: mutants) to attend, and the only school sports team is a paramilitary strike force trained to defend a world that hates and fears you. But the class reunions are awesome.

3. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Yes, it has all the tedious downsides of an English boarding school with the additional inconvenience of placing you in the crosshairs of He Who Shall Not Be Named. But you get to play Quidditch. Enough said.

2. Starfleet Academy

To graduate, you have to pass the Kobayashi Maru test. And then, they put you on a starship, which is awesome, so long as the shirt you’re wearing isn’t, you know, red. Fascinating.

1. The Jedi Praxeum

Bottom line, they teach you superpowers, give you a lightsaber, and encourage you to quote Yoda. Win.

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