React was the skill with the most growth, from both job hunters and employers, over the past year, according to new research from Indeed.

Indeed compared search terms used for job listings and resumes in 2016 and 2017 to find year over year growth. React grabbed the top spot on both sides, with 313% growth coming from job seekers and 229% from employers.

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Here are the top 15 job skills that saw the most growth from job seekers:

  1. React – 313% growth
  2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) – 98%
  3. Azure – 51%
  4. Angular – 50%
  5. Mandarin – 49%
  6. Tableau – 48%
  7. Laravel – 43%
  8. Golang – 39%
  9. Spark – 39%
  10. Offensive security certified professional – 37%
  11. Unity – 36%
  12. Django – 35%
  13. Linux – 31%
  14. Python – 29%
  15. R – 28%

But there was some disparity between what job seekers and employers were looking for. Only seven of the aforementioned skills grew in searches coming from employers–React, AWS, Azure, Angular, Spark, offensive security certified professional, and R. Angular and R only grew by single digits.

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With the tech industry evolving, those looking for a job in the field should know and have the skills employers are looking for to stand out from other applications.

“Simply put, experience with React has become essential for many tech jobs,” Indeed economist Daniel Culbertson said in a press release. Experience working with top cloud services like AWS and Microsoft’s Azure are also a must-have, Culbertson said.

Culbertson noted that while Python ranked near the bottom of the list of search term growth, it plays a key role in other searches. Azure, Spark, and Django all use Python in some respect.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Job and resume searches for React saw the most year-over-year growth for both job seekers and employers, according to new research from Indeed.
  2. Other terms on the top 15 list pertained to software, platforms, and programming languages. Mandarin also made the cut.
  3. Keeping skill sets updated with what businesses need is important for tech workers, including those hoping to break into the industry.