Sometimes you don’t have time to read an article. In those situations the best way to get critical tech news, advice, and analysis is to watch a quick video.

Along with the 15 videos listed below, you should check out our new top 5 series by Tom Merritt, an award-winning independent tech journalist and host of the Daily Tech News Show.

TechRepublic’s top must-watch videos from 2016

  1. The ENIAC has been brought back to life after 70 years
  2. Watch our interview about Mars technology with a Mars One candidate
  3. Check out five apps to make the most of your GoPro
  4. We think AI and machine learning will increase, not kill, software dev jobs and here’s why
  5. Here are a bunch of must-know Windows keyboard shortcuts
  6. Amazon Echo is improving quality of life for seniors in some surprising ways
  7. Find out more about the black female mathematicians that made the US space program possible
  8. Here’s what you need to know about designing enterprise cloud infrastructure for IoT deployment
  9. Find out how data centers are turning into centers of data
  10. What does Joe Weinman think the next stage of cloud computing will be?
  11. What do philosophers think super intelligent life will be like?
  12. These top five trends may predict the future of cloud computing
  13. Here are three things you need to consider before moving your infrastructure to the crowd
  14. Do men and women actually have different brain structures?
  15. Wondering how IBM is going to use Watson to improve its cybersecurity approach?