The hottest companies for job seekers to pursue in 2018 cover a wide range of industries, according to a Thursday blog post from job search site Indeed. Based upon the average amount of job-seeker interest for all job titles at all companies, as well as online interest in each company, Indeed determined the 20 most popular companies people wanted to apply to in 2018.

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With unemployment at a lower rate than in previous years, competition exists for both companies and job seekers, said the blog post. Not only is there competition for job seekers to land sought-after jobs, but companies must fight to gain the attention of the right talent, added the post.

Here are the 20 hottest companies for job seekers in 2018:

  1. Tesla
  2. PepsiCo
  3. Enterprise Holdings
  4. Microsoft
  5. Facebook
  6. Honeywell
  7. Sysco
  8. Apple
  9. Morgan Stanley
  10. Cisco
  11. Booz Allen Hamilton
  12. IBM
  13. Aetna
  14. Lockheed Martin
  15. Ryder
  16. NBCUniversal
  17. Abbott Laboratories
  18. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  19. Siemens
  20. Medtronic

While Tesla does incorporate tech with car manufacturing, other major tech firms have been pushed down past the top three, revealing a shift in interest for job seekers, said the blog post.

In order for companies to attract and keep the attention of job seekers, they must follow four key practices, said the post. These practices are helpful for companies not as high on the list as they may have liked, or for companies that didn’t make the list at all.

  1. Respond to every inquiry
  2. Write like a human. Leave out high-level jargon.
  3. Maintain transparency with applicants
  4. Offer meaningful and creative benefits

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • The top 20 hottest companies for job seekers cover a wide range of industries, but no tech companies made the top three. — Indeed, 2018
  • Companies must be personable, accessible, and maintain transparency with applicants if they want to attract the right talent. — Indeed, 2018