The top benefits of using a suite-based approach in the enterprise

At the 2019 SAP SAPPHIRE NOW conference, Thomas Hertz spoke with TechRepublic about the ins and outs of suite-based approach to systems in a business.

The top benefits of using a suite-based approach in the enterprise

At SAP SAPPHIRE NOW 2019, TechRepublic Associate Staff Writer Macy Bayern sits down with Thomas Hertz, head of technology, SAP C/4HANA at SAP to discuss the ins and outs of suite-based approach to systems in a business. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Macy Bayern: What would you say are some of the top benefits of using a suite based approach for professionals in the enterprise?

Thomas Hertz: Well that's a very interesting question because currently, customers can choose. I mean, they buy single individual applications. Or, they look for something that brings everything together what you call a suite-based approach. And, we have to see the current reality that basically all our customers are not just using SAP C/4HANA products. They're using more products from SAP, and they're also using external products. They use competitors products and this is the world we live in.

What is important there is that you bring all of these products together for a true suite. Because that's what customers are struggling with. It's the integration. Where they extend all the solutions, and this is something where we can deliver a lot of benefits. We call this the suite approach where we're on multiple levels bring together all these systems. Let's start from the bottom. Here we have the data. Data is at the heart of all our customers. Having a unified place where all the data sits is better than having it spread across all applications. So this is the unified data that we have.

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Also, on the level above we have the extensibility, how can a customer extend their business processes across all these silos and applications. Not just SAP C/4HANA or SAP applications, but all. Then this is a place where the SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory that we have just released comes in. We have a solution for our customers to be exactly this. So also bringing on that level everything together.

But it goes on. You have then the layer above. The layer of where all our partners in the ecosystem can access these data—what we call the access layer, or the API layer. There, we will have something to offer which is called SAP Graph. This is the place where everything comes together and you can access the data from the outside world.

If you have all these topics together, then we have the perfect solution for a suite-wide approach. Then it truly brings benefit to all the customers.

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