The top five NetAdmin articles say a lot about 2001

From Nimda to Windows 2000 adoptions to September 11, the year 2001 was filled with events that had important implications for IT. The five most popular articles in NetAdmin Republic reflected these concerns. Take a look at which articles came out on top.

In 2001, network and system administrators witnessed the advance of 802.11b wireless networking in many organizations and the emergence of Web services as the new “next big thing.” Microsoft released Windows XP, while the corporate world finally began to adopt Windows 2000 in large numbers.

Several nasty viruses rocked the IT world, showing their ability to adapt to antivirus measures while maintaining their two favorite targets: Microsoft Outlook and Internet Information Services. Finally, the IT sector was deeply affected by the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, which reinforced the importance of IT taking a strong role in business continuity and disaster recovery in this fragile age.

The most popular articles in NetAdmin Republic (based on total page views) during the year 2001 reflected many of these issues, especially the viruses, Windows 2000, and of course, September 11. Here's a look back.
  • Number 1: "Learn what Nimda worm does and how to combat it" (205,284 page views)
    The Nimda worm followed closely on the heels of the Code Red worm, which blindsided many Windows administrators and caused widespread damage. This special report on Nimda by John McCormick was eagerly read by administrators who wanted to avoid the same kind of debacle they faced with Code Red.
  • Number 2: "Five ways to make Windows 2000 fly" (113,367 page views)
    More and more organizations made the jump to Windows 2000 during 2001, as many training budgets simultaneously shrunk. This left a lot of IT pros searching for articles such as this one, which contains valuable tips and tricks for working with Win2K.
  • Number 3: "Designing and optimizing Windows NT/2000 networks" (98,091 page views)
    This article is also a collection of tips, but they're not limited strictly to Windows 2000. The article deals with the complex and conflicted subject of designing networks around the Windows NOS for optimum performance, security, and capacity.
  • Number 4: "Troubleshooting network connections with Windows 2000's Pathping utility" (91,700 page views)
    One of Windows 2000's most popular and useful new utilities is Pathping, which combines some of the functions of the traditional Ping and Traceroute utilities. This tutorial introduces the features of Pathping and shows how to read and interpret the output of this valuable little tool.
  • Number 5: "IT pro's BlackBerry saved anguish during NYC attack" (91,632 page views)
    Of course, the events surrounding September 11 will forever mark the year 2001, so it is fitting that one of our top five article deals directly with those events. This article chronicles the experiences of an IT pro who was working in New York City the day of the attacks. It shows how technology—in the form of his BlackBerry messenger—helped him penetrate the chaos and get messages to family, friends, and associates. In response to this article, one TechRepublic member from NYC sent us the transcripts of his own Blackberry messages from 9/11, which we published as "A member's e-mails offer a glimpse of World Trade Center tragedy."

These popular articles provide a glimpse into the priorities of administrators during 2001. The three Windows NOS articles are still useful resources. The Nimda and September 11 articles serve as reminders of how vulnerable our technology infrastructure is and may help inspire admins to better plan and secure their networks in 2002.

What was your favorite NetAdmin article in 2001?
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