A blog post published by FlexJobs on Monday is sure to be interesting for tech professionals looking to make some extra money, or add new freelance clients.

According to FlexJobs, there are 30 companies to look to first for part time, remote tech work. With the current job world leaning hard on remote, flexible work as the new normal, it is likely tech professionals will work remotely at some point in their careers.

Even if you’re not currently looking to add extra income or take on more freelance clients now, this list will be a good one to bookmark: You never know when a bit of extra work will be exactly what you need.

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Not all of the organizations in the list are looking for tech professionals: Many are looking for tutors, ESL teachers, and other telecommunication or remote work. Here are five that are specifically looking to hire those with IT, development, and other tech experience.

Note: The list includes companies hiring for at most 35 hours a week, as well as those who have posted jobs that require employees to be on-site at least some of the time.

  1. Kaplan hires tutors and test prep instructors in a variety of subjects, but it’s also had postings for UX designers, software engineers, and other tech jobs.
  2. Robert Half International is a temp staffing agency that appears to regularly have postings for web developers, cloud architects, and programmers.
  3. Strayer University is an online college that has had postings for tech-related instructor positions. Want to take that IT experience and developer training away from the computer for a bit? This may be a great opportunity.
  4. Independence University is another online college that has also had regular postings for programming, graphic arts, and even for specific topics like Salesforce classes.
  5. Gun.io is geared around finding jobs for web and mobile tech professionals. It has hired in the past for positions such as iOS developer, Full Stack hybrid app development, sysadmins, consultants, and more. It also boasts an over 90% placement rate, so this may be your best bet for jobs in the tech world.

For the rest of the 30-company list, you can find the link to the full post at the beginning of this article.

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