The top tech headlines of 2017 in videos

New smartphones, transportation methods, and cyberattacks topped the list this year.

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There's no denying that 2017 was a big year for the tech industry. Massive cyberattacks hit companies all over the world, AI and machine learning took center stage, and (as usual) smartphone manufacturers continued to launch attention-grabbing flagship devices.

TechRepublic covered these stories in a variety of different ways, but there's no denying how popular video became with our readers as a means of understanding these stories. To help recap the year, here are the videos we created to address some of the top tech headlines of 2017.

1. Net Neutrality rolled back

In December, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under Donald Trump voted 3-2 to repeal the net neutrality regulations put into place under the Obama administration.

Video: Net Neutrality has been rolled back: What happens next?

2. The Equifax hack

Credit reporting firm Equifax reported a massive data breach in 2017, noting more than 140 million people were at risk of having their personal information stolen.

Video: Everything you need to know about the Equifax hack

3. Launch of iPhone X

With its innovative Face ID system and top-shelf appointments, the iPhone X made a splash when it was announced in September.

Video: What you need to know about the iPhone X

4. Bitcoin skyrockets

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, and its underpinned technology blockchain, came into their own in 2017, especially as Bitcoin's value jumped high before dropping significantly.

Video: The key differences between the blockchain and Bitcoin

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5. Ransomware accelerates

Ransomware was one of the fastest growing attacks in 2017, powering massive attacks like WannaCry and others.

Video: The top ransomware attacks of 2017

6. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

One of the biggest updates to Windows 10 came with the Fall Creators Update, boosting cloud storage, sharing, security, and more.

Video: Top features in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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7. AI is everywhere

Whether it was in digital assistant, big data platforms, or medical technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning dominated the tech landscape in 2017, leading many to question its impact on jobs.

Video: What humans can do better than algorithms, and vice versa

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch

After the fiery debacle of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung fans eagerly awaited the Galaxy Note 8, which broke sales records for the line.

Video: Galaxy Note 8 video review: Powerful productivity features for business

9. Alexa for business

Amazon officially made its Alexa voice service an enterprise product with the announcement of Alexa for Business in November.

Video: Alexa for Business: Can it win over the enterprise?

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10. Women in tech take center stage

Gender parity and equality in tech and sexual harassment and abuse in and outside of the workplace were important news stories in 2017. TechRepublic writer Alison DeNisco Rayome published an investigative report examining the state of women in computer science.

Video: This year's top women in cloud tech and open source

11. NSA cyberweapons leak

A major New York Times investigation revealed that serious cyberweapons were stolen from the NSA, and then used to wreak havoc on other organizations.

Video: Why the NSA's cyber-weapons leak undermines institutional trust

12. Tesla's triumphs

In 2017, Tesla celebrate the shipping date of its Model 3 sedan (despite some production setbacks) and unveiled its electric truck, the Tesla Semi.

Video: Everything you need to know about Tesla's new truck fleet

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