CXO Talk host Michael Krigsman spoke with TechRepublic about the need for the C suite to be faster and more agile:

“I think for 2018, the big issues are speed and agility. That means the CIO, or really the all the C suite members, need to be responsive to business needs, and they have to do it quickly. It’s no longer acceptable for a CIO, for example, to spend three months on a marketing project. Marketing needs it like that. It’s like, we’re doing a campaign, and if we don’t get this campaign out there, well, we’ve lost the opportunity. Our competitors are going beat us. Our customers are going to be asking, ‘Hey, where were you guys?’

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We have to figure out what kind of technologies we can use to automate our processes, and what kind of talent do we need, and how do we change the culture and the mindset, and how do we get people across different parts of the organization working together, so that at the end of the day, the CIO, or other C suite members can do things faster, and be more responsive, and more accurate in their responses to the business.”

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