Ah, the heady days of chasing megaHertz and megabytes so you can run your own Quake server. Check out this video of the original Screensavers discussing 1998’s “ultimate gaming machine.” (Also, watch Leo Laporte dance!) The hosts actually cop to the fact that this machine was “ultimate” for all of two weeks before the Pentium II 400s made it obsolete. Time was, anyone reading this blog would have drop-kicked a live kitten to own this rig. Now, we’d use it as a toxic boat anchor–or a Sendmail server.

Let’s run down the hardware, shall we?

  • $5,000 CRT widescreen monitor
  • Pentium II, 300MHz processor
  • 128 MB of SDRAM
  • Wave Table/3D sound (rocking CANYON.MID)
  • Addtronics tower case with eight drive bays and five cooling fans
  • Asus LX motherboard with ultra-wide Adaptec SCSI adapters
  • Seagate Cheetah 9.1 GB and 4.1 GB hard drives (10,000 RPM!)
  • Plextor 32x CD-ROM

We’ve come a long way, baby!

(Found via Lizard’s SF Xanga.)