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In the next few months, the launches of Windows 8, Microsoft Surface, and Windows Phone 8 will take place. The reception of these products will determine whether the online commentariat will continue to espouse the view that Microsoft is fading away, or see it as a giant, re-awoken.

Microsoft isn’t dead, or dying. In fact, it wants to go for a walk. Of course, these days, that walk is covered by a veil of secrecy for reasons best known to those in Redmond.

What cannot be denied is the reaction to Microsoft’s new interface, the framework formerly known as Metro.

In this podcast, James Bannan tells the story of how he was initially cautious of the new “Metro” visuals of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, but has come out the other side and warmed to the new interface. James also gives his thoughts on Windows Server 2012, and its accompanying Hyper-V implementation.

Also featuring in this episode is Microsoft Principal Consultant Chris Jackson, who delivered a talk on Windows 8 security internals at Tech.Ed Australia 2012, and getting to grips with the Windows 8 UI’s new name.

Running time: 17 minutes and 23 seconds.

Disclosure: Chris Duckett attended Tech.Ed as a guest of Micrsoft