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While many other companies are attempting to knit web development and mobile development together using HTML and JavaScript, Xamarin has taken a different route, and is focused on bringing C# to mobile platforms where it is not natively supported.

Today, Xamarin announced the availability of Xamarin 2.0, which brings a new IDE in the form of Xamarin Studio, a component store, and a plugin for Visual Studio that allows iOS development in Visual Studio.

While Xamarin itself is less than two years old, Friedman and his team have years of background in Mono and open source, giving this “startup” a large boost that many companies do not have.

In this episode of The Upside, we talk to the CEO of Xamarin, Nat Friedman. The discussion starts in Xamarin’s part of the mobile ecosystem, before exploring open-source FUD, the prospects of the upcoming batch of mobile OSes, and how developers are getting Java bytecode to run on iOS.

Running time: 24 minutes, 17 seconds