The Wii!!!  My 18 year old son had wanted one from nearly the second he heard about it – back when it was the ‘Revolution’.  He set aside money in a special account for it.  For 18 months, he went to the Wal-Mart daily, hoping to get one.  He went to the gaming stores in town.  He went to Best Buy.  No one had a Wii.  There was a Wii shortage, he was told. 

Today, I got an email today from CNet entitled “The Wii is still sold out! Artificial shortage by Nintendo?”  But, you know what?  My son DID find a Wii – about 2 weeks ago.  He was in a store, and there they were, about 50 of them.  All lined up on the shelf.  Pristine white Wii-s lined up like little soldiers.  All ready to go home and cause young men (and women) to go blind from excessive gaming. 

He came home with that look of excitement that only a new computer game or a new gaming system can cause.  A nun-chuck in one hand, a Wii-mote, 2 game cube controllers (and some way to connect them to the Wii), some Mario/Smash Brothers game, Zelda, a rubberized thing to put on the Wii-mote.  He was glowing. 

For the last two weeks, he has played nearly non-stop.  Sure, he takes meal breaks (well…when the meal is too messy to eat while playing).  And he does stop to sleep (sometimes).  He has let me play a little Zelda.  He has let his sister play Smash Brothers (she likes Peach the best).  He even let us all (the four of us) play a few games of bowling (the sports disk comes with the Wii – so tennis, bowling, baseball, boxing and golf are on that disk).  He, his sister and I even tried the “Age Evaluation”.

In Age Evaluation, each person is tested in three of the sports games (bowling, tennis and baseball).  Then the Wii determines the player’s virtual age based on agility, mobility, etc.  I came up as a “virtual” 46.  Not too bad for someone who had never played on the Wii before and therefore had no Wii-mote experience.  My 18 year old son?  Aged 67.  My nearly 8 year old? 76.  Bill didn’t try.  🙂

So, by now, those of you who are drooling at the thought of those other 49 Wii-s are wondering where is this wonderland, this fantasy-world filled with lonely Wii-s aching for owners?  The local Toys R Us.  For whatever reason, no one in our area apparently considered checking there.  I wonder if all Toys R Us-es are in the same condition?  Filled with lonely Wii-s, hoping that someone will come in and take them home.  The world may never know.