These 10 tech CEOs increased their company stocks the most

Amazon's Jeff Bezos is the best performing CEO in the US, based on his impact on the company's share price, according to an IG report.

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Many factors contribute to being a successful CEO in today's job market. Top CEOs invest money in their company, promote a positive company culture, dedicate time to customer service, and always remain humble.

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However, it can be difficult to measure how well a CEO is executing their job function. By examining how company share prices have shifted during their tenure, IG group determined the 10 most successful CEOs in tech.

The IG Index analyzed the tenures of US CEOs at tech companies valued at $100 billion or more. Here are the 10 CEOs with the highest percent change year over year in company value:

1. Jeff Bezos

  • Amazon
  • Average yearly change: 83%

2. Reed Hastings

  • Netflix
  • Average yearly change: 77%

3. Steve Jobs

  • Apple
  • Average yearly change: 64%

4. Bill Gates

  • Microsoft
  • Average yearly change: 54%

5. Jensen Huang

  • Nvidia
  • Average yearly change: 54%

6. John Warnock

  • Adobe
  • Average yearly change: 51%

7. Andrew Grove

  • Intel
  • Average yearly change: 48%

8. Larry Ellison

  • Oracle
  • Average yearly change: (43%)

9. Hock Tan

  • Broadcom
  • Average yearly change: (37%)

10. Mark Zuckerberg

  • Facebook
  • Average yearly change: (35%)

The US CEO with the highest increasing average monthly share price was Larry Page from Alphabet, according to the report, at a value change of $8.10. Additionally, Mike Markulla of Apple saw the largest value change, at 4.9%.

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