These are developers' top 5 pet peeves at work

What's worse, ghost bugs or spaghetti code? More than 71,000 developers weighed in as part of a HackerRank report.

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While developers often enjoy a plethora of open positions, high salaries, and career advancement opportunities, workplace pet peeves can turn a dream career into a nightmare, according to HackerRank's annual Developer Skills Report, released Tuesday.

Junior developers particularly despise badly written documentation, while senior developers hate dealing with spaghetti code, the report found. Unsurprisingly, senior developers are more likely to be frustrated by every task being treated as a top priority, while junior developers are more likely to deal with ghost bugs.

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Here are the top five pet peeves of junior developers:

  1. Badly written documentation (74%)
  2. Spaghetti code (54%)
  3. Ghost bugs (52%)
  4. Everything is a top priority (45%)
  5. Estimates treated as deadlines (45%)

And here are the top five pet peeves of senior developers:

  1. Spaghetti code (64%)
  2. Everything is a top priority (63%)
  3. Estimates treated as deadlines (57%)
  4. Badly written documentation (55%)
  5. Ghost bugs (46%)

When asked about the biggest bug in production, 62% agreed that it was deploying untested or broken code. Nearly 10% said it was a wiped out database, and 9% said it was a shut down production server, the report found.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Badly written documentation, spaghetti code, and ghost bugs are among the top workplace pet peeves for junior and senior developers. -- HackerRank, 2019
  • The biggest bug in production is deploying untested or broken code. -- HackerRank, 2019

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