These big digital transformation trends are shaping the future of transportation

From big data to IoT to automation, door2door managing director Tom Kirschbaum shares the oncoming tech innovations what will disrupt the transportation industry.

These big digital transformation trends are shaping the future of transportation

Tech Republic's Dan Patterson sat down with Tom Kirschbaum to discuss major forthcoming digital transformation trends which will change the transportation industry.

You can watch the video interview above or read the transcript below.

Dan Patterson: Regarding digital transformation, what trends do you see in transportation, both in transportation providers and with cities, planning, infrastructure, and other organizations related to transportation?

Tom Kirschbaum: We believe cities will take back purpose, setting frameworks for a sustainable, efficient, approachable, and safe transportation network. The liberal markets won't prevail; mobility is at the core of life. Policy will set a certain framework. Since cities won't develop the technology for framework, it will be interesting to see which strategy prevails.

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On the technology side, for the platform takes a more crucial role, as it functions in these environments. A multi-sided platform is essential, serving the city and regulation simultaneously. The services must comply with the city's framework. Autosomal seekers play a major role. The mergence of mobility of people and logistics will play a crucial role, so can we allocate resources. A lot of technology will happen under the umbrella of city framework.

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