Whether it’s interviewing, hiring, and training new employees or assessing the performance of current ones, handling employee issues can take a big bite out of your schedule.

Cutting corners isn’t an option for IT managers when it comes to personnel issues. But these TechRepublic resources can help IT managers make the best use of the time spent on employee training and reviews.

This article includes a look at two sets of resources: recently published downloads from TechRepublic and links to information on the Web that addresses general employee issues.

TechRepublic articles and downloads
These three articles and related downloads will help IT managers interview and train new employees and track the performance of those already on board:

“Steer clear of a lawsuit: Avoid asking risky interview questions”
Asking the right questions during a job interview can help you save time selecting the right candidate. Ask the wrong questions, and you may be on the road to a lawsuit. This download contains examples of questions that may slow down an interview and land you with the wrong candidate or worse, litigation.

“Download these forms to keep training on track”
Training a new employee can be a logistical nightmare. At TechRepublic, we use two forms to keep our training initiatives on track: one for the initial training process and one as a follow-up to assess how a trainee responded to the training. This download includes both forms and explains how, when used together, they can help keep your training effort organized.

“Download TechRepublic’s employee performance forms for use in annual reviews”
The performance of your team is a reflection of your abilities as a manager. Use this employee performance checklist to maximize the time spent assessing team members. The checklist, a model of one we use at TechRepublic, serves as a guide to help you give your team the proper feedback during performance reviews.

Resources from the Web
The following links can help IT managers stay on top of employee issues.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics offers comprehensive information about employee and employment issues. The site’s Occupational Employment Statistics page includes information on the average amount of employee benefits or salaries for IT workers.

About.com’s section on managing employees is not focused on the specific needs of the IT manager but on the needs and requirements of managers in general. The site’s collection of information regarding management issues can help you with a particular management issue, such as how to interview employees or how to conduct exit interviews.

CNET offers several applications through Download.com to address human resources issues.

How do you juggle employee issues?

Do you have a strategy that keeps you abreast of the employment and human resources issues faced by your employees? If so, we’d like to hear form you. Send us an e-mail and tell us about it.