This amputee actress' prosthetic hand is a beautiful device loaded with cool tech

Ottobock Healthcare's brand champion, actress Angel Giuffria shows off her Bebionic 3 small-size hand, an innovative multi-functional hand, wrist, and forearm prosthetic at SXSW 2018.

Angel Giuffria demonstrates her Ottobock Bebionic 3 small-size hand at SXSW 2018

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Just call her the bionic woman, because she is the real thing. Actress ("The Accountant") and Ottobock Healthcare Brand Champion, Angel Giuffria, spoke to TechRepublic's Teena Maddox at SXSW. The following is a transcript of the interview.

"I wear currently the bebionic 3 small-size hand, Giuffria said, "which sounds like a car. But at this point, that's where we're getting with technology. It's a multi-articulating device. That small-size hand is really amazing because it's one of the very few multi-articulating devices that people of smaller-stature can wear, so women specifically, and even kids, preteens, that this technology wasn't available to them previously."

"There's another device, the Michelangelo Hand, which is a little larger but faster and strong and is a beautiful device as well as there's different hook options, like the AxonHook and something called the Greifer. They're all beautiful devices that have had really cool new versions come out, things that have been added for utility purposes, like lights to be able to work in front of you and have a light on your device. I obviously have lights in my device as well. But mine are more for a fun purpose."

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"In the last 10 years we've really had a massive boom in technology. I'm a congenital amputee, I was born without my arm. I've been wearing my electric devices since I was four months old. So I've really gonna to experience as we've grown with prosthetic, the new things that are happening."

"About 10 years ago, the first multi-articulating hands came out and about three years ago is when this hand, the first ever small size hand came out. Before that I was wearing hands that were three times the size of my hand because I wanted the function. Otherwise I would have had to sacrifice function just to have something that was similar to the size. So now with this hand I'm able to do all of these multiple functions where I can change grip patterns, I can control my wrist. I have beautiful new designs and accessories. The old ones especially only had flesh colored groves, which is great, I think it's a great option for some people but for me I never had a second hand, I wasn't trying to replicate anything. So the new designs that look more tech are able to showcase the technology. I've really become attached to and I think a lot of other people have really clung onto as well because it just gives off the impression of showing people how capable we are in society now."

"With the small size hand I have multiple different grip patterns. So this ones called lateral key, and it's the idea that I could hold a credit card. I could hold a key. I use this grip more than anything else. To change grips, it's very easy. I do what's called an open open signal. And it allows me to switch through these different grip patterns and opposed to just having one singular grip all the time. I even have a second tier of grips of I wanted to get more specialized, right? I don't do squirt a Windex bottle every day, but if I needed to, I could, which is great to have that option. I have a wrist rotator, which is one of my favorite party tricks, right, the 360 degree rotation, which has been absolutely amazing to be able to try out some of these new grip patterns for a person who never had a second hand, to be able to realize what tow handed people do everyday."

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