After numerous user privacy controversies, Facebook has launched a new tool to help boost user engagement and gain trust. And it could create serious problems for businesses that are misleading users with their advertising.

Facebook announced in a blog post Tuesday a new feedback tool that gives users the opportunity to review ads that they’ve clicked on. The tool can be found in the “Ads Activity” tab. Users can select the “leave feedback” button where they will be prompted to answer questions about their ad experience.

While the blog post’s target audience is the online shopper, businesses may be concerned about their own ads being banned.

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According to a Facebook Business post, if an ad receives too many negative reviews, it will see reduced ad delivery. If this happens, advertisers can expect an email alerting them that their page has been flagged and tips from Facebook on what to do next.

Advertisers will have the opportunity to improve their ads before permanent action is taken. As the post noted, ads will be evaluated on a monthly basis, and if the amount of negative feedback goes down, the ad delivery will go up.

If a company does not heed the feedback provided, Facebook will reduce the number of ads they’ll be allowed to run, the initial post said. If problems continue, Facebook will eventually take steps to ban the business altogether.

Facebook stated that its aim is to connect users with more businesses that meet their expectations.

“We believe this tool will give people more confidence in the businesses they interact with and help hold businesses accountable for customer experiences they provide,” Facebook wrote in the blog post.

If your business advertises on Facebook, make sure your ads are following the guidelines set forth by the company so that you don’t have any issues in the future.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Too many negative user reviews on ads could get your company banned from advertising on Facebook.
  • Facebook will conduct monthly reviews on each ad’s feedback before permanent action is taken.