The revolving doors at Yahoo must produce constant tornadic conditions in Sunnyvale, California. The company has just ousted yet another CEO, this time due to resume padding.

Scott Thompson has resigned due to pressure from the Board of Directors after it was revealed that he “misrepresented” his educational credentials (he said he had a degree in computer science, which he did not).

Thompson blamed Heidrick & Struggles (a Chicago head-hunting firm) for the incorrect information. In an internal memo last week, Heidrick & Struggles denied Thompson’s accusation. CEO Kevin Kelly wrote to employees: “This allegation is verifiably not true and we have notified Yahoo to that effect.”

Can somebody please tell me what it is with arrogance that somehow blocks out all common sense? Just like politicians who deny saying something publicly, even though we live in a time when their lunch orders are common knowledge. Psst: We’re going to find out.

If Thompson did knowingly add a degree to his resume, that’s a sign of being ethically challenged. Even if he wasn’t the one who added it, then how could he not see it there? And after all those ifs, how could he think that someone in his position could get away with something like that? Unethical, stupid, arrogant — take your pick.