ThousandEyes launches new multi-cloud monitoring capability

Cisco partner ThousandEyes talked to TechRepublic at Cisco Live 2018 about their new enterprise monitoring agents designed to improve visibility in a multi-cloud environment.

ThousandEyes launches new multi-cloud monitoring capability

Cisco partner ThousandEyes talked to TechRepublic at Cisco Live 2018 about their new enterprise monitoring solution that's designed to help clients improve the performance of their applications and services across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Alex Henthorn-Iwane: ThousandEyes is announcing a new set of vantage points that we're deploying for monitoring from within the three major public cloud providers. That's AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platform. So we're deploying cloud agents in all of the regions of these top three cloud providers.

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The way that an enterprise can use these monitoring agents is that they go to our cloud based app, and they can access instantly these pre-deployed monitoring agents and turn on monitoring that's active monitoring at both the app layer, as well as network path layer and even internet routing. And look from the point of view of these regions out to things like SaaS and API endpoints, as well as their own data centers, and see how all the networks across the internet are performing and delivering for their applications and services.

The industry verticals that I think would be most interested in these cloud agents are first of all software companies that are moving increasingly into a cloud from their own data centers, financials that are adopting cloud in a big way for their new modern applications, retail that's also building more and more of their eCommerce platforms out in the cloud. So these are a few verticals.

In general, I think one of the biggest challenges in cloud, not just multi-cloud, but cloud in general is the fact that the internet is a black box, where there hasn't been a lot of visibility because all of the ways that you've collected data about networks has been by gathering passive data from the devices that you own and operate. Once you get outside of your four walls, it's really hard to understand what's going on. But that's important from operations point of view. By being able to take advantage of these cloud agents, as well as the other existing cloud agents and enterprise agents that we offer, enterprises can benefit from visibility into all the networks and infrastructure that they don't own.

The process we went through to really ideate as well as to deploy these cloud agents was that we found that a lot of our customers were deploying our enterprise agents, which is basically the version of our smart monitoring agent that they can deploy themselves. They were deploying it into public clouds. But then what we found is that many of them wanted to do this before they had made decisions of which region or standing up a VPC in a particular public cloud. They wanted to get a visibility ahead of time. And so the challenge for us was to then say, what do we need to do to give them enough. Do we need to have agents in every availability zone for every public cloud provider? And what we learned was that on a per region basis was a level that most customers needed to get a fast start on this process.

This is available immediately. We have deployed these cloud agents, and they're ready to use from our portal. So if a customer wants to access these, they can contact us, get set up with a trial and immediately begin to use them.

In general, ThousandEyes provides a cloud app, plus multiple different types of agents that you can monitor from. We have cloud agents previously deployed in over 150 cities around the world, so you can monitor from the point of view of the internet. We now have these cloud agents in public cloud providers, plus you can use that same software and deploy it in your data centers, your branches, and your own VPCs. And finally we have an endpoint agent that deploys on your end user devices. So we have a whole variety of ways to collect data about the internet and all the external dependencies that your business now relies on.

ThousandEyes at Cisco Live 2018