Microsoft has a new CEO. Satya Nadella, the former executive vice president of the company’s Cloud and Enterprise Group has taken the reins. And he has a lot of work to do. But I believe there are three things the Nadella should do right now.

Not your father’s Microsoft

Today’s Microsoft is a far cry from the simple software company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It’s a global tech conglomerate that offers enterprise software, consumer software, cloud services, unified communications, search, and hardware such as tablets and even a video gaming console.

But as we move into the post-PC era and as competitors such as Apple, Google, and Amazon have risen, Microsoft has lost relevancy and many would say its direction. And that’s what the new CEO needs to bring, direction and more importantly vision.

1. Refocus on the enterprise

To do that, he must first and foremost refocus on the enterprise. This is where the company makes most of it’s money, it’s a growing business, and it’s where the Microsoft brand still has a little cache. And this extends beyond software and services. The Surface and Windows Phone could be formidable business devices–with enough customers.

2. Buy Blackberry

And that’s why the second thing the new CEO should do is buy Blackberry (formerly RIM). Think about it. Blackberry still has a large and dedicated enterprise customer base, who could all be convert to Windows Phone.

3. Spin off the Xbox

Unfortunately, I don’t think it leaves room for a pure consumer device–like the Xbox. So, the third on the list is spinning off the Gaming division. The Xbox has never made any real money and it continues to be a distraction from the more lucrative commercial business. Microsoft just can’t rule enterprise if they’re also trying to rule the living room.

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