If you have been around Windows for awhile, you know that when you load software funny things happen. One such example is when you load software and the software decides it can run in Windows on startup. No one in there right mind wants to do this and continually bog down their Windows box.  Why on earth is there not a checkbox to prevent this? I have even found that if there is a checkbox, it doesn’t work. Glorious!

Let’s now introduce Software Explorer which is a neat utility of Windows Defender that allows you to find these rogue programs and disable them. Let’s walk through it.

Click the Start Orb and type Windows Defender in the Instant Search textbox (Figure A).

Figure A.

Click Tools | Software Explorer (Figure B).

Figure B.

Change the Category to Startup Programs and highlight a rogue program and click either the remove or disable button to eliminate it from Startup (Figure C).

Figure C.