Printing a phone list of your Outlook contacts is simple. Click Contacts and then choose Arrange By from the View menu. Next, select Current View and finally, choose Phone List. To customize the list, repeat the process and choose Customize Current View. In the resulting dialog box, click Fields and add and delete fields according to your needs. When you have all the fields you need, click Print.

You might think that printing a list of e-mail addresses is just as simple. Recently, I needed a hard copy of all my e-mail addresses, and I was surprised when I found no e-mail field in the Available Fields list.

The Available Fields list doesn’t list all the available fields. Just above the Available Fields list is the Select Available Fields From control. The default is Frequently Used Fields. I chose E-mail Fields and then added the E-mail field to the Show These Fields In This Order list.

I suppose there are so many that filtering by categories is a good idea. However, the menu path to create any list is several commands deep. It’s easy to get lost. I think a drop-in toolbar that prints a few common lists would be a great tool.