Python founder and benevolent dictator Guido van Rossum, now of Google, announced on the Python developer lists the second annual Python Sprint at Google. The coding workshop is to take place in both the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California and in their Chicago offices over the weekend of the 22-25 of August.

“The primary goal is to work on Python 3000, to polish off the first alpha release; other ideas are welcome too.” Guido wrote in the posting. Python 3000 is the next major release of the Python programming language, which will be a compatibility breaking update designed at cleaning up and upgrading Python and fixing what the organisers see as design flaws in the original Python.

So far there will be just 12 attendees at both locations, which include major contributors such as van Rossum, Alex Martelli and Neal Norwitz, also of Google. Discussions on the python-3000 mailing list suggest that the event will be used to complete an initial alpha of the Python 3000 interpreter.

For a slightly easier way of hacking on a Python project, you could look at the fifth PyWeek competition. Taking place over the first week of September, the competition pits Python enthusiasts against each other to create a full featured game in just one week. For many who have to work with other languages for a crust, this represents a chance to work with their hobby language.