Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • LinkedIn is testing a new hashtag feature that requires users to include a hashtag with any post to their page.
  • It is not clear how large LinkedIn’s hashtag test pool is, but users involved have taken to Twitter with negative reactions.

LinkedIn recently began testing a feature that requires users to include a hashtag when posting any update on the professional networking site, the company confirmed on Twitter Thursday.

Some users took to Twitter to ask why they were receiving a red message that reads: “Add a hashtag to finish your post and get it to the right people” when attempting to publish an update from their personal pages.

According to the LinkedIn Help Twitter account, “We are running a small test to better understand the value of using hashtags in posts to help members discover and join relevant conversations.”

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It is not clear how large the testing group for this experiment is, TNW reported. However, users do not appear to be happy with the change.

“Suggesting hashtags is one thing, forcing people to use them is a bit different and kind of defeats the object of your test…” one user wrote on Twitter in response to LinkedIn Help’s explanation.

LinkedIn has been searching for ways to increase daily usage of the platform, The Wall Street Journal reported in March. As of April 2016, only 18% of LinkedIn members used the site daily, according to Pew Research–down from 21% the year before. In comparison, 76% of Facebook members log in at least daily, Pew found.

The networking site has also launched new features to help jobs seekers. One, “Ask for a referral,” announced in March, helps users more easily find companies where someone they know works, and get a referral from that person.

It remains to be seen if LinkedIn will end up requiring hashtags for all posts from all users, or if the test will prove unsuccessful. For now, though, businesses and professionals users should begin researching relevant hashtags in case they are required to add them.