2012 saw many changes, controversies, and of course, product developments in Apple’s world. The most popular posts for this blog were those that showed users how to get things done in OS X or iOS.

#1 Apple iOS 6 woes: Save the blobs if you need to downgrade

Gina Smith reports on the numerous issues some users are having with iOS 6, which may lead to the decision to downgrade to a more stable version. Bear in mind you can’t do it without saving the SHSH blobs first. Here’s how.

#2 Creating and deleting files using the Mac Terminal

For Mac geeks who want to learn more about using the command line, Wil Limoges offers this basic tip for creating and deleting files in Terminal.

#3 How to mirror the iPad’s display on large monitors

Erik Eckel explains the options for using adapters and AirPlay to mirror iPads’ displays on larger monitors for meetings, presentations, and seminars.

#4 How to diagnose a failing Mac hard disk

Erik Eckel shares some tips for diagnosing and recovering a failing Mac hard disk.

#5 Get rid of duplicate contacts on your iPhone with ContactClean

Derek Schauland highlights a housekeeping app for your iPhone that helps you clean up your contacts list.

#6 MacBook Pro or MacBook Air: Choosing the right model for user needs

Erik Eckel takes a detailed look at the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models to determine which is best for certain kinds of users.

#7 Secret iPhone codes for the power user

Wil Limoges shares some of the iPhone codes that you can input on the number pad to perform a variety of tasks.

#8 Configure Mac OS X Lion Server share points

Erik Eckel outlines the steps to configuring share points in Lion Server.

#9 Windows Active Directory options simplify Mac integration

With Macs continuing to flow into the enterprise, integration with Windows systems is even more important. Erik Eckel covers some of the options for Active Directory-Mac integration.

#10 How to avoid the biggest mistakes when deploying iPads

Erik Eckel points explains how you can avoid the most common mistakes of iPad deployments in your organization.