In its company review survey in which employees voluntarily and anonymously share their perspective on what it’s like to work at their company, Glassdoor asked Do you believe your company’s business outlook will get better, stay the same, or worsen in the next six months?’ On average, across all 250,000 companies on Glassdoor, only 38% of employees believe their business outlook will get better in the next six months.

Here’s a graphic showing the results:

Here’s some of the commentary added by employees of the top ten companies

“The projects we’re working on are all very inspiring. The company has a long term vision I can actually subscribe to, personally. The company exists to do good.” – Google Software Engineer (Stockholm, Sweden)

“Where I am at, we are working on the latest and greatest. I work around highly motivated, intelligent people who keep me young and challenged.” – QUALCOMM Senior Staff Software Engineer (San Diego, CA)

“Marissa has brought huge, positive changes to the company. The company is operating with a sense of vision and urgency that hasn’t been seen since it’s very early days. The culture of transparency exhibited at each Friday’s all-hands meetings led by Marissa has been a breath of fresh air.” – Yahoo Manager (Sunnyvale, CA)

“Great company vision and mission: To create a best-run world, by helping our customers become best-run businesses and to improve the lives of others. Transforming the way people think about enterprise software companies.” – SAP Director (Palo Alto, CA)

“Company is growing like wildfire. And the really care about their employees.” – Amazon Trainer (Jeff, IN)

“Work life balance, opportunity to grow quickly, helpful senior management, collegial environment, diverse projects, big company relatively resilient to economic turbulence.” – Tata Consultancy Services Employee (location, n/a)

“The company is always trying to improve itself. A very upbeat, friendly atmosphere. If you show a willingness to learn, they are very happy to help you succeed. They have a very thorough system in place to keep excelling in the grocery industry.” – Publix Deli Associate (Key West, FL)

“In my time there I have not observed anything “evil” about the company – they are in it for the long haul, they want to do the right thing and not cut corners just because customers might not notice. GM seems to have a strong corporate conscience, even if it means we have to sacrifice profits in the short term.” – General Motors Product Development Engineer (Detroit, MI)

“Strong support of local products – always looking for ways to increase our local assortment and highlight the people behind them. High quality standards that set us apart from the competition.” – Whole Foods Employee (location, n/a)

“Has very good executive leadership under Frank Blake. Has good core values and is involved in the community.” – Home Depot Senior Manager (Atlanta, GA)